7 Weird Health Tips That Actually Work

By Matthew Cenzon. May 7th 2016

People are always looking for the secrets to healthier living, whether it's something they can drink, something they can rub on their face, or some form of crazy therapy; if it's been proven then they are willing to do it. Well, if you're looking for some weird health tips that actually work, then check out this list of 7 things you may want to try for yourself:

1. Look At A Bright Light To Trigger A Sneeze

Don't you just hate it when you have the sensation to sneeze, and nothing comes out? All you are left with is an itchy nose, maybe some watery eyes and the disappointment of a failed effort to clear foreign particles from the nasal cavity. The next time you feel the urge to sneeze with nothing coming out, try exposing yourself to bright light by peering towards the sun or a light bulb. Just make sure you don't stare directly at the light. Oh, and make sure you cover your nose and mouth to prevent the spread of flu-causing moisture droplets.

2. Attach A Ball To The Back Of Your Shirt To Prevent Snoring

Many people search for all types of remedies for snoring, from contraptions to special medications and therapeutic techniques. However, one of the easiest ways to prevent snoring while you sleep is to attach a ball to the back of your shirt or sleepwear, preferably a tennis ball because it isn't as hard as a baseball. The trick is to tape or stitch the ball to your sleepwear to prevent you from sleeping on your back. By only sleeping on your stomach or sides, you are freeing any obstructed airflow that is causing you to snore.

3. The Stall Closer To The Door Is The Cleanest

Have you ever noticed that people have the tendency to head towards the toilet stall farthest from the door in a public restroom? In most cases, people assume this is where they will have the most privacy to handle their business undisturbed. The handicap stall is also the most spacious, and furthest from the door, making it even more popular for privacy and comfort. However, these stalls are also the most frequently used. If you are looking for the toilet with the least traffic and bacteria, you should use the toilet stalls towards the front.

4. Shave The Mustache (Men)

If you're a dude with a thick mustache, and experiencing an unusually bad case of the allergies, you might want to consider shaving. In an article from the New York Times, Dr. Patricia McNally and her colleagues at the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical group concluded that cosmetic lip hair can trap airborne allergens. Now, if you've been rocking a Tom Selleck-like moustache for the past 10 years that you can't ever imagine shaving, make sure you wash it regularly to keep your allergies at bay.

5. Flush Out Your Nostrils For Chronic Sinus Problems

Are you constantly dealing with sinus problems or just looking for a way to get over a stuffy nose associated with the common cold? Studies performed at the University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine have shown that a nasal wash, also known as nasal irrigation, is a great way to deal with chronic sinus problems, cutting the costs of expensive medications and treatments. All you basically need is some salt, baking soda, a small tea pot (preferably a nasal irrigation pot) and some lukewarm tap water. Mix these ingredients in the tea pot and use it to flush out your nasal passage. For more information and the complete instructions, follow the link to the University of Wisconsin page below.

6. Sniff A Green Apple To Avoid Claustrophobia

Does getting stuck in small, cramped places put you in a state of panic? In an article by Men's Health magazine, a recommended remedy for dealing with claustrophobia is to sniff a green apple. If you're privy to taking a crowded bus or subway train home, and you have issues with claustrophobia, always keep a green apple with you to help you stay calm.

7. Wear High Heels To Prevent Knee Problems (Women)

High heel shoes have carried a stigma of being associated with numerous health problems for women. However, in an article by the Daily Mail, researchers from Warwick University and Oxford Brookes University suggest that heels can actually be good for women by preventing knee problems. According to their studies, women who regularly wore three-inch heels were less likely to be suffering from knee problems. The study also pointed out that the main cause of knee problems in the women tested were caused by smoking, being overweight and strenuous physical labor.


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