What Causes And Helps Cellulite

By Cooper Chavez. May 7th 2016

With the emphasis of physical appearance in our culture, it's no wonder why cellulite is so notorious. This orange-peel look of the skin is feared by most women as well as misunderstood. There are many different myths of why women accumulate cellulite as well as methods for getting rid of this dis-wanted skin appearance. Here is some clarification to exactly what cellulite is and how do we get rid of it?

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the physical change of skin to a dimple or cottage cheese like consistency. This problem is found in mostly women, and tends to primarily affect the thighs and buttocks area. Cellulite is formed underneath the skin where standing fat cells are connected to connective tissue. These standing fat cell chambers then bleed through the skin and cause the bumpy appearance of cellulite. Men are not affected by cellulite as easily as women are because the make-up of the male epidermis is different than a female's, making the standing fat cell chambers tougher to penetrate the thicker epidermis that men have.

3 Common Causes for Cellulite


Cellulite happens to women of all shapes, ages and sizes, which makes it a mystery of how it is actually caused. One reason that has been established is that it's passed on from generation to generation. Simple genetics has an effect on whether you will be affected or not. Metabolism, which is passed through genetics, dictates how much fat tissue will be naturally passed through. The faster the metabolism, the faster fat burns. The opposite happens with a slow metabolism, which can possibly cause standing fat cells to build up and produce cellulite. This doesn't necessarily mean that if your mother has it, you will get it, but it may mean that you are more susceptible to cellulite. Just like people who have parents with diabetes, and has to regulate and be aware of their diet, the same goes for those with parents who have cellulite.

2.Poor Diet and Exercise

Though genetics have a bit to do with cellulite, they can't be completely given the full blame. Poor diet and exercise can also account for it. A poor diet can slowly lead to fat build up, which can cause cellulite and obesity. It's common that those who have obesity and cellulite go hand in hand. A lack of exercise can also lead to cellulite. The dimples found on the lower region of the body can usually be confusing to those who are not overweight. The reason for this is the lack of exercise, which results in low muscle mass, making it easier for fat cells to make their way to the surface.


There are many negative effects of smoking, one of which is cellulite. The main reason for this is the effect cigarettes have on the skin of smokers. Cigarettes contain many toxins that breakdown the composition of the skin. One of the effects of this is that they attack collagen, which makes the skin tight. When cigarettes breakdown collagen, they loosen the skin, giving fat cells the chance to penetrate it, causing cellulite as well as making the skin look old and haggard.

Things that Help with Cellulite

Eating Right

Choosing the right diet plan to consistently follow will help when it comes getting rid of cellulite. By now, you should know that cellulite is caused by fat cells that make their way to the surface and therefore make the skin appear uneven.A healthy diet will decrease the amount of fat that is stored in your body and hopefully lessen the chances of cellulite from appearing.


This is one of the best tools to actively fight against cellulite because it reduces the amount of fat cells that are stored in the body. Aerobic exercise along with toning muscles will allow your body to decrease fat cells and replace it with muscle tissue. The presence of muscle in the thighs, mid-section and buttocks is a sure way to eliminate cellulite.

Things that Don't Help with Cellulite

Crash Dieting

Crash dieting does not have the same effect on cellulite that eating right does. This is because of what this type of dieting actually does to your body, and its effect is that it does not get rid of cellulite. The reason for this is that when you crash diet, you have a higher risk of losing and gaining weight dramatically. This type of yo-yo dieting causes a certain amount of fat to store in the thighs and buttocks; exactly where cellulite is most prevalent.


There are many creams on the market that claim to reduce cellulite. The problem is that topical creams are applied to the skin, and what is known about cellulite tells is that it comes from underneath the skin. This makes it hard to believe that by just using a cellulite cream reducer, that orange-peel look will vanish. However, it has been noted by some specialists that a cream complemented with exercise and eating right can help speed up the process of reducing cellulite.

Massage treatments

These are treatments that use an electrical powered device to squeeze, pull and suck areas that are affected by cellulite. There are usually 10-to-12 appointments that are needed to see any results, and the possibility that cellulite will come back if treatments are not continued.

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