What Is Kombucha — and Should You Give This Tea a Try?

Photo Courtesy: Juan Antonio Barrio Miguel/Getty Images

Have you started to learn more about nutrition recently? If so, you’ve likely heard some buzzwords about superfoods. Once you start down the superfood path, you’re almost certain to come across a beverage called kombucha. This fizzy tea has been getting more and more popular lately, even though it’s actually been around for thousands of years. But why, exactly, is kombucha now found in fridges across the country?

Among other reasons, kombucha has become widely celebrated due to its potentially high levels of vitamins and amino acids. Studies have also suggested that there are a few health benefits associated with the tea — another reason why people love to drink it. However, not all experts agree about kombucha’s healthfulness. And this raises questions about whether it’s the nutritional powerhouse many people think it is. Before you head to the health food store or start home-brewing a batch, find out more about what kombucha is, what it does and whether it’s healthy.