Get a Full-Body Workout With These Water Aerobics Exercises

Photo Courtesy: Halfpoint Images/Getty Images

Doing water aerobics is not a common way to work out, but you might want to start penciling it in to your workout schedule. It's a fun way to mix up your normal exercise routine and surprise your muscles with something new. If you normally prefer to do your cardio or weightlifting on land, adding water exercise every once in a while can work wonders on your body. And if you have a health condition that affects your joints — or you’re looking to start a brand new workout regimen altogether — water-based activities can help provide the support your body needs to stay comfortable and ease into things.

If you have a pool available, whether it's in your backyard or at the gym, you’ll enjoy the process of starting to use it for more than a casual splash. These enjoyable water aerobics exercises can help engage every part of your body and keep your fitness routine more exciting.