5 Reasons to Start Using a Fitness Tracker

May 7th 2016

Some fitness trackers are more accurate than others, and you still need to listen to your body to avoid any injuries. However, wearing a fitness tracker or configuring applications that can turn your smartphone into a fitness tracker can allow you a new awareness of the importance of fitness and can motivate you to keep going.

Become Aware of Your Movement

An increasing number of studies confirm the dangers of spending too much time sitting. Wearing a fitness tracker allows you to keep track of and tally up all of your movements throughout the day. You may be shocked to realize how little ground you cover on average. It's one thing to set a general goal of taking the much-touted 10,000 steps per day, but few people know what that amount of exercise really means. Wearing a fitness tracker lets you realize whether you're falling short of your goals, empowering you to face reality and set new goals.

Set Activity Goals

Fitness trackers enable you to personalize your activity goals and change them as your fitness level improves. If you barely clear 3,000 steps a day in the beginning, aiming for 10,000 per day right away is unrealistic. Benefit from your fitness tracker by setting achievable goals, such as advancing in 500-step increments per day. If you're able to set realistic goals, you're more likely to strive to reach them.

Sync Your Fitness Tracker With Other Devices

It's easy to sync your fitness tracker with other devices and applications to give yourself a full picture of your progress toward health and fitness. Connect your fitness tracker to an application such as MyFitnessPal to track calories as well as steps, or link it to Nest to control the temperature of your house automatically depending on the activities you're doing. For example, let your tracker cool your home when you're in the heat of a cardio session.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Many fitness trackers allow you to connect with a community of like-minded people devoted to their health. Use your fitness tracker's capabilities in this regard to connect with, encourage and receive encouragement from others, or post your daily achievements on social media to help hold yourself accountable.

Stay Motivated

When you wear a fitness tracker, you have a constant reminder of your goals. Reviewing your daily data and seeing your progress provides even more motivation to keep moving and stay focused on getting fit and being healthy.


Wearable fitness trackers use accelerometer technology to track how far you move, then extrapolate other data from that information. When used correctly, fitness trackers allow you to track your activity and movement during the day. While several top-of-the-line fitness trackers are available, you can also duplicate many of their features using applications that turn your smartphone into a fitness tracker.

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