5 Reliable Delivery Services for Organic Food

May 7th 2016

Organic food delivery to local shoppers has been around for more than a decade in some states. Check your local grocery store to see if a supermarket near you can deliver organic foods to your door. Shop from individual organic manufacturers to buy your favorite products and have them shipped to your house as an alternative to local shopping.

The Green Polka Dot Box

Staffers at The Green Polka Dot Box pack organic food into boxes with green polka dots on them and ship it to your door through normal logistics companies. Become a member of the website to shop for organic foods such as bread, canned fish, oats, pasta and frozen foods. Fresh meat and dairy arrive at your door if you live within two days of ground delivery from Utah. For other items, this delivery service ships nationwide with more than 150 companies from which to choose.


The natural and organic section of Amazon.com sells beverages, snacks, baby food, pasta and packaged meals from several national brands. Check out the supplements, coupons and shipping discounts within this section. Amazon Prime members get free, two-day shipping to make organic food delivery even more convenient.


Greenling sources its food from farmers all over central Texas, and then staffers deliver organic food the front doors of customers in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and the Interstate 35 corridor. Staffers handpick produce, meats and dairy products from local farmers. Green and white trucks then deliver foods to your door on specific days of the week to maximize delivery routes and minimize fuel consumption. Meal kits make cooking organic food a snap.

Urban Organic

Urban Organic serves the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, including delivery times in New York City with an added delivery fee. Staffers deliver certified organic foods such as kale, lettuce, apples and yams. Value boxes include 14 to 18 different fruits and vegetables depending on availability.

Door to Door Organics

Door to Door Organics started in 1997 and delivers organic food to residents of Chicago, Kansas City, New York, Michigan and Wisconsin. Delivery comes free with your purchase, and you can set your weekly delivery date. Purchase boxes full of fresh produce picked from certified organic farms, or pick organic groceries such as cheeses, dairy, bread and eggs. Foods go on sale each week so you can try new items for lower prices.


Organic food does not necessarily have to come from farms surrounding your community. A few national retailers deliver organic food straight to your door with varying degrees of freshness and food quality. Most organic delivery services pick foods straight from a local farm and bring them to your door on a weekly basis. Check out these five delivery services for your organic food needs.

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