8 Celebrity Diet And Weight Loss Secrets That Work

By Matthew Cenzon. May 7th 2016

Celebrity weight loss has always been a popular subject in the media, especially when there's a dramatic change in appearance. While many assume an expensive personal trainer, extreme dieting or a risky medical procedure can be attributed to celebrity weight loss, they might be surprised to learn that there are a lot of celebrities who use the same diets and fitness routines as everyone else. Here are some celebrity diet and weight loss secrets that can work for the average person:

1. Jerry Ferrara: Plain Old Diet And Exercise

There's nothing extreme about the diet and fitness routine used by Jerry Ferrara to lose weight. Known for his pudgy, comedic character, Turtle, on HBO's Entrourage, the actor displayed a significant drop in weight during the show's final seasons. According to an article from Us Weekly, Jerry was able to shed the pounds by swapping burgers with tofu, and adding organic fruits and vegetables to his diet, along with hikes around Los Angeles' Runyan Canyon.

2. Drew Carey: No Carbs

Since his days on The Drew Carey Show, Drew Carey has been known for being on the portly side of the celebrity scale, leading to health complications like type 2 diabetes. However, The Price is Right host was able to change all of that by virtually eliminating all of the carbohydrates from his diet. In an article from People magazine, he admits to cheating on his no carb diet a few times, but attributes his weight loss to having absolutely no carbs, and only drinking water instead of soda.

3. Jennifer Hudson: Weight Watcher's

While some celebrities go as far as vegan diet regimens to shed excess weight, others utilize popular diets that limit calories without excluding any particular food groups. Jennifer Hudson is a perfect example, using a Weight Watcher's diet to shed a significant amount of weight. The Academy Award winning actress is now a spokesperson for Weight Watcher's, which uses a point system to track and limit calories.

4. Kelly Osbourne: Midnight Snack Diet

Aside from traditional dieting and exercise, some celebrities, like Kelly Osbourne, attribute their weight loss to some sort of fitness or dieting secret. The daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne shared with the Daily Mail her secret behind her weight loss transformation: eating half an apple before bed. Kelly claims that having a little snack before bed can help keep the metabolism going, leading to a loss of pounds. Whether or not there is any validity to this claim, Kelly's proof is in her slimmer figure.

5. Jason Segel: Self-Motivation

Jason Segel has made a living making audiences laugh from his hit movie, I Love You, Man, to the popular TV show, How I met Your Mother. On an episode of the Late Show, Jason shared a fitness motivational tool with David Letterman that anyone can utilize: A picture of himself covered in Taco Bell wrappers taken by his assistant, showing what he had become. And that's all it took to help Jason drop roughly 30 pounds of weight. Sometimes all it takes is a little self-motivation, and a picture of an overweight man covered in taco wrappers.

6. Peter Jackson: Eating Healthier

There are some celebrities out there who have lost weight just by eating healthier. This is exactly what Peter Jackson did to shave off a large amount of weight. According to The Guardian, the Lord of the Rings director attributes his weight loss to not eating any junk food. He did mention that a grueling schedule of filmmaking also helped.

7. Beyonce: Master Cleanse Crash Diet

Many dieters have been drawn to the Master Cleanse, also known as the Maple Syrup Diet, developed by Stanley Burroughs because of Beyoncé Knowles. The actress and singer used this popular crash diet to shed 20 pounds in a short time frame before her role in Dreamgirls. The diet is based on a lemon juice concoction, with maple syrup and cayenne pepper as added ingredients.

8. Hugh Jackman: Weightlifting And Mental Power

A little mental power and some heavy weightlifting is all it takes to get the superhero body according to Hugh Jackman. In an article by Men's Health, the man who plays the Marvel superhero, Wolverine, credits his muscular figure to a combination of weightlifting and other common strength training exercises, and the mental power to push himself past his physical limits.

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