Discerning When to Call Pest Control

May 7th 2016

An infestation of pests in a home is often a considerable inconvenience. Homeowners who have attempted to eliminate these unwelcome visitors themselves but without success may need to call in professional exterminators to get the job done right, which ultimately means freeing the home of potentially harmful agents and chemicals as well as the pests.

An Overwhelming Infestation

Self-treatment pest control options can only handle so many critters. Many homeowners spray chemical repellents and set traps within the interior and exterior parts of the residence, but when bugs, spiders or mice continue to infest, it may be necessary to hand the problem over to a pro. Pest control contractors use chemicals that are safe for the home and pets and can administer larger quantities of powerful repellents using high-tech equipment for a faster resolution to a pest problem. Homeowners who find themselves overwhelmed with the time-consuming task of chasing away ants, bugs and pesky pests need the assistance of a professional.

Potential Home Damage

An ant here or there isn't likely to cause damage to a home, but an infestation of carpenter ants or termites can cause significant damage to wood within the home. Homes that are at risk for structural damage due to pests, bugs and critters pose a safety risk for the occupants. Homeowners may have to pay a premium price for a professional pest control contractor to eliminate the pests, but the overall cost of repairing home damage and structural components is much more expensive in the long run.

Health Problems

Over-the-counter pest repellent products often contain chemicals that are powerful. Individuals with allergies, respiratory problems or sensitivity to chemicals should not inhale or use these types of repellents. Medical concerns for both residents and pets in the home often prompt the need for a professional pest control service. Individuals should avoid risking their personal health to eliminate rodents, bugs or ants themselves. A professional pest control service can exterminate the home with chemicals that are safe for pets and residents and provide instruction for homeowners to avoid any fumes that may present medical problems.


Homes and apartments can be raided by creepy and crawly critters at the worst time. Many homeowners seek strategies to manage these pesky pests, but when natural repellents do not rid the home of unwanted bugs and spiders, it may be time to call in a professional. It is important to evaluate how big of a job it may be to eliminate bugs and critters to discern whether or not a professional pest control company or exterminator is necessary.

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