Household Chores That Burn The Most Calories

By Matthew Cenzon. May 7th 2016

Need a new way to feel motivated to do common household chores? Looking for an incentive to exercise more to burn calories? Well, you can kill two birds with one stone by doing these household chores that burn the most calories. The great thing about the household chores that made this list is they work out more than one muscle on your body. Some of these household chores even offer a full body workout.

1. Mowing the Lawn

This is one chore that you can really give you a full body workout. Depending on the size of your lawn, you can burn nearly 500 calories with a regular mowing job on your backyard and front yard. This household chore can effectively workout your forearms, trapezoids, back and most of your leg muscles. Now, if you have those types of lawnmowers that you can ride on, like a tractor, you're not burning any calories at all. For the best workout, you should be using a manual-reel mower.

2. Painting

Okay, so maybe painting your house isn't a common household chore, but painting anything, from a room to a fence, can be. Climbing up and down a ladder, along with brush strokes from side-to-side, while really swaying your hips, and up-and-down motions while bending down into squats can workout almost every muscle in your body. Remember to alternate hands when one arm gets tired and to evenly workout both arms.

3. Vacuuming

Work those biceps and triceps by vacuuming your entire house. You can work even more muscles by tightening your abdominals for every time you push the vacuum cleaner forward. Always remember to switch hands periodically to evenly workout both of your arms. Move furniture aside and vacuum in this commonly skipped areas to get an even better workout.

4. Pulling Weeds

Here's some more yard work that can really burn the calories, so put the weed spray away and get on your hands and knees and start pulling. By manually pulling out weeds from your garden, you can strengthen your grip, forearms and biceps. However, you may want to avoid this household chore if you are suffering from any knee issues.

5. Doing the Laundry

This may not seem like the most strenuous chore on the list, but it burns the most calories per year according to the Daily Mail. To reap the calorie burning benefits of doing the laundry, you need to complete the entire process on your own. That means carrying the dirty laundry to the washing machine, loading the dirty laundry, transferring the laundry to the dryer, unloading the laundry from the dryer, folding the clothes and returning them to where they belong. Hang the clothes individually to air dry them, or ironing amount to extra calories burned.

6. Washing the Car

The entire process of washing your car will not only save you some money from having to go to a carwash, it will also help you burn calories. The entire process of rinsing, scrubbing, drying and waxing can be used for exercises that work out your back, leg and arm muscles. Always make sure to alternate hands, and don't try to cut corners or else you'll end up with less of a workout and a car that isn't fully clean. Want to get more of a workout from this household chore? Try scrubbing your wheels and vacuuming the inside of your car.

7. Cleaning Your Floors

Notice how this household chore does not specify sweeping or mopping; that's because they are both categorized as one chore on this list for the sake of a better workout. According to an article by Shine, you can burn up to 240 calories per hour just by sweeping and mopping your floors. This is also an effective workout for both your upper and lower body, but it primarily focuses on your biceps and shoulder muscles.

Tips for Burning Calories While Doing Household Chores:

  • The more effort you exert, the more calories you will burn.
  • With each, repetitive movement, try to squeeze and isolate any muscles used. For example, when you push the vacuum cleaner, squeeze with your triceps, then tighten your biceps when you pull the vacuum cleaner back.
  • Tighten your abdominals repeatedly while doing any of the chores on this list to strengthen your core.
  • Don't rush through your household chores. Be thorough and don't cut corners to maximize your workout.
  • Adding some music to your household chores is just as effective as listening to music while working out. Music can also help motivate you and can help you set a pace for how fast you're completing these household chores.
  • If you've been setting aside your chores to make time for a workout, try skipping your workout completely to do a bundle of household chores instead.


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