Organic Made Simple: How to Find Local Shops

May 7th 2016

Ask your local grocery store what kinds of fresh, organic foods are offered on supermarket shelves. Many regional chains stock organic options, so it doesn't hurt to ask the produce department what farmers supply the store. Plus, you can ask a store manager if the establishment has an organic section.

Eat Well Guide

Eat Well Guide features more than 25,000 places for organic, local or sustainable food suppliers, growers, shops and restaurants. Input your location and narrow choices to restaurants, you-pick orchards, grocery stores and organic food. Click the Search button to begin your healthy food journey.

Green People

Green People lists health food stores, natural food stores and organic grocery establishments alphabetically by state. A brief description to the right of each listing details the wares of each store. Click on the stylized I-button to see more information on the store, including address, phone number, Web address and a longer description of the venue.

Independent Natural Food Retailers Association

Members of the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association are listed on the organization's website, which also provides information about markets, grocery stores, co-ops and health food stores. The directory has nearly 200 listings, and you can click on the View All Locations button to see every location of a particular retailer. Many of these producers do not have ties to national chains.

Organic Trade Association

Members of the Organic Trade Association include local farmers, mom-and-pop stores, retail chains and organic suppliers throughout the United States. Browse hundreds of members, listed alphabetically, through 10 pages of listings. Click on the link of the member to see the official website of the association member. The Organic Trade Association has been promoting natural food since 1985.

Local Harvest

Local Harvest lists farmers, co-ops and farmers markets that sell locally grown produce. Input the search term "organic" and click the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page to view more than 11,900 listings across the United States for organic farms, growers and producers. Local Harvest represents one of the most comprehensive directories of small, local farmers in the United States.

Local Farmers Markets

Peruse selections at your local farmers market to find good deals on organic produce, meats and dairy. Farmers can advise you about local stores that sell their products so you can find locally grown organic food on days the farmers market does not meet.


Organic food shoppers do not necessarily have to shop at national chain stores such as Whole Foods Market or Trader Joe's to find organic foods. Local stores may carry national brands of prepared foods, while nearby organic farmers regularly supply local stores with fresh produce, meats and dairy products. Discover how to find local organic shops in your area.

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