8 Quick Beauty Tricks When You’re In A Rush

By Marisa Ramiccio. May 7th 2016

You don’t always have time to doll yourself up, especially if you’re running late or if something comes up last-minute. In those cases, you’ll need to speed up your beauty regimen. It may sound tough to do, but with these 8 quick beauty tricks, you’ll be able to pull your look together in no time.

Accessorize Your Hair

When you’re in a rush, there’s no time to whip out the curling iron or blow dryer, so in order to make your hair pop, add a cute accessory like a sparkly barrette or a colorful headband. It’ll distract the eye from any imperfections and will make it seem like you spent more time on your hair than you actually did. If you don’t have any hair accessories at hand, you can always improvise with a brooch.

Focus On The Lips

A nude face with a bold, bright lip is a look that never goes out of style. It’s also a convenient look when you’re in a rush because instead of worrying about putting makeup on your entire face, you only have to focus on your lips. For a classic look, choose a red lipstick. For a more natural look, choose a light pink lip gloss.

Give Cheeks A Shine With Clear Lip Gloss

The best way to give your cheeks a shiny glow is to exfoliate dead cells from your skin. If you don’t have time to scrub your skin, dab a little bit of clear lip gloss on your cheeks instead to give them a quick, sleek shine.

Shave With Baby Oil

If you usually shave your legs in the shower or like to take your time with a shaving cream, try this trick when you need to shave in a hurry. Rub a few drops of baby oil into your skin and shave away. You’ll still get a close shave if you use baby oil and it’s a great alternative for those with sensitive skin. It can even reduce the risk of nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs and other shaving accidents.

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Use An All-In-One Cream

Layering on foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen can be time consuming when you have plenty of time to get ready, never mind when you’re in a time crunch. To streamline your routine, and to make it easier on yourself when you’re pressed for time, use an all-in-one cream instead. If you need to use what you’ve already got, mix a little bit of each cream together and put it on at one time instead of layering each individually.

Use Eye Shadow To Fill In Eyebrows

If you haven’t had the time to get your eyebrows done lately, don’t fret. You can still make them look polished by brushing a little bit of eye shadow across the arches. This will fill in any gaps, and if you use an eye shadow with sparkle, it will make your eyes pop. Just be sure to use an eye shadow that matches the color of your eyebrows.

Revive Your Hair With A Hand Dryer

If your hair has fallen flat and needs a little pick-me-up, use one of the hand dryers found in public restrooms to add volume and body to your ‘do. Just flip your hair over and bend your head under the nozzle, or point the nozzle so it blows directly on your hair. If your hair is curly, scrunch your hair with wet hands as the heat blows onto your hair. If your hair is straight, simply tousle your hair as the heat blows.

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Use Utensils

Since you can’t carry every beauty tool with you, you sometimes have to improvise with what’s at hand. This is where eating utensils can come in handy. Plastic forks are good for teasing the roots and adding volume to your hair while metal spoons can actually be used as an eyelash curler. Just warm the metal spoon with hot water or with the heat from a lamp (be careful not to make it too hot). Press the back of the spoon into your top lashes as you begin to close your eye, and voila – instant curl!

Another good beauty trick is to carry minis with you wherever you go. If you have a mini lip gloss, mini nail clippers, etc. on you, you’ll save more space in your bag and you’ll never be without your supplies in case of a beauty emergency.


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