10 Quick Ways To Burn Calories While Having Fun

By Wendy Innes. May 7th 2016

It seems that people are always looking for quick ways to burn extra calories. Unfortunately, one of the things that people find most unpleasant about exercise is that it always seems like so much work. Here, we've come up with 10 activities for people to burn some calories quickly while having a great time doing them.

Ice Skating

This sport isn't just for the winter time. With indoor ice skating rinks, people can twirl to their hearts content all year long. Just 30 minutes of ice skating is enough to get in a good calorie-burning session, even if all you are doing is wobbling around trying to keep your balance. Plus, all that wobbling is great for the core muscles.


Swimming is a great way to burn calories and it's easy on the joints; something that is ideal for the elderly, pregnant women and those with joint problems or arthritis. Just 18 minutes of swimming laps will burn 200 calories, although this doesn't mean that playing beach ball volleyball in the pool or playing with the kids isn't just as effective. If it's wintertime, try going to a recreation center that has an indoor pool. Then the water fun can continue, even if it's snowing outside. (For more ways to enjoy the pool while exercising, check out Swimming Pool workouts That Are Easy And Fun.)


Aside from being an art form, dancing is one of the oldest forms of self expression on earth. If someone spends 40 minutes dancing, they can burn up to 200 calories. There are also a number of other benefits to dancing, including a boost to the immune system as well as increased memory. It doesn't need to be anything complicated; something as simple as dancing around the house while doing chores or playing with the kids will do the trick. (To learn more about using dancing for exercise, read The Health Benefits Of Using Dancing For Exercise.)


Perhaps one of the most enjoyable physical activities on earth, just 40 minutes of sex can burn over 200 calories, depending upon a number of factors. Other benefits to sex include a healthier emotional connection with one's partner and improved self esteem. These health benefits can add some motivation for experimenting in the bedroom. (For more information about the benefits of sex, see 7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Sex.)

Table Tennis

While a serious game of table tennis, better known as ping pong, can work up a good sweat, it's not necessary to be competitive to reap the health benefits. Just 40 minutes of table tennis will burn off a good amount of calories, while increasing hand-eye coordination and mental agility. Just be sure to keep the ball on the table and play in an area where things won't be broken.

Go Sight-Seeing On Foot

Taking a trip around town on foot is a great way to burn off some excess calories. The best part about this type of exercise is that it doesn’t feel like you’re working out at all. Plan a full day of sightseeing at a chosen destination. Make sure each spot you wish to visit is within walking distance. By the days end, you will have racked up several miles of walking without even realizing it.


In some communities, bicycling is the most efficient mode of transportation, but for others, it is simply a way to enjoy the great outdoors on a nice day. Just 23 minutes of bicycling will give you a great workout, and if someone lives in an area where it's convenient to bicycle to run errands, this is a great way to save time as well. Just add a basket and a bell and head off to the market or the bank. Just be sure to follow all safety rules and traffic regulations. (Read more about the benefits of bike riding in Bicycling For Exercise And Better Health.)


While it may not seem like it, a round of golf is a great way to burn calories while still having fun. A leisure day at the golf course or a quick run at the driving range are great options to burn calories while enjoying yourself. You don’t even need to own your own clubs as most courses and ranges offer rental clubs.


Bowling is a fun, inexpensive, family-friendly way to spend an afternoon and just one hour of bowling is all that it takes to get a decent workout. While bowling is a game that can be played alone, it's always more fun to do it with friends. Recently moved to a new area? Join a bowling league and make new friends while burning off those calories. Want more of a challenge? Use a heavier ball; just be sure not to drop it.

Leave Town

This is one of the most fun ways to burn extra calories. Take a long weekend, book a spontaneous getaway and start packing. Just by packing and carrying a suitcase weighing about 25 pounds to the car and then to the baggage check area, and then reading for a few hours on the plane, it's easy to burn additional calories and not even know it. Carrying 25 pounds can burn up to 4.8 calories per minute, so if the line is long, think of it as a bonus. Happy Travels!

Burning extra calories doesn't have to be an abhorrent task. Simply get moving and the calories will add up in no time.


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