10 Things To Look For In A Good Gym Buddy

By Matthew Cenzon. May 7th 2016

Sticking to a regular exercise regimen can be really tough, and finding a means to motivate yourself can be even tougher - that's where having a good gym buddy comes in handy. Partnering up with someone who is just as earnest as you are about fitness goals can help you in your effort to achieve a healthier and happier body. If you're curious about the traits that make up a good workout partner, here are 10 things you should be looking for:

1. Find Someone Who Is As Motivated As You Are

Whether you're looking through your contact list on your cell phone, or sifting through your softball team's roster for a gym partner, opt for someone who feels just as motivated as you are about working out regularly. The last thing you want is someone who is bound to flake on you if he or she is having one of those "lazy days."

2. Avoid People With Unhealthy Lifestyles

Perhaps you've found a good gym buddy who enjoys a good workout as much as you do. Now imagine if that person also enjoys smoking, drinking and excessive partying once his or her daily workout is over. Having a gym partner is a social thing, and you're more than likely to spend time with that person outside of exercising. If this is the case, try to avoid a gym buddy that might lead you into taking up some unhealthy habits, which can be counterproductive to the whole fitness process.

3. Make Sure Your Gym Partner Is Good With Time

Having a gym partner who is constantly late or likes to cut workouts short is not the type of person you want to exercise with. In fact, you want someone who is pushing you to spend more time in the gym. Find a gym buddy who actually enjoys working out. This can be especially useful if you hate the gym, but need someone to help motivate you to actually show up yourself.

4. Get Someone Who Is Assertive

When hitting the gym, you want a good partner who can help push you to your limits. People tend to go easy on themselves, making excuses as to why they were unable to finish a set, or why they can't run another mile on the treadmill. This is where a good gym buddy comes in to help motivate you to do more than you would like to. In the end, you'll be thanking your gym partner for constantly pushing you.

5. Workout With Someone Who Shares Similar Fitness Goals

If you're trying to tone down while your gym partner is trying to bulk up, it might be a little difficult to find workouts you can share. While it only takes a change in weights for certain exercises, it may be more difficult to find a common ground when you want to spend more time on the elliptical machine while your partner needs you as a spotter on the bench press.

6. Find Someone Who Is "Tough"

Good gym partners should be tough, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're physically strong and can bend a tire-iron in half. No, a good gym partner should be mentally tough, willing to undergo an extreme amount of pain to reach his or her physical goals. This will only help drive you to put out just as much effort as your gym buddy. You may not be able to match your gym partner's strength, but you'll at least feel motivated to be just as demanding of yourself and your own physical fitness goals.

7. Look For Someone Who Goes To The Gym

Seriously, there are people who are completely miffed about where to locate someone to workout with. The best place to look for a gym partner...is at an actual gym! As you begin your workout regimen, befriend some fellow gym members. Start up a conversation and interact with them regularly. Look for someone who fits the physical makeup of what you are trying to achieve and ask for help or tips. Soon enough, you'll have someone who can help you with your gym workouts.

8. Train With Someone Who Can Help You

If you've already started looking for workout buddies at the gym, make sure you find people who know what they are doing. For those who are inexperienced with physical fitness, it's crucial to find people who can lead you in the right direction. They can share nutritional information, like what are the best protein bars or shakes and they can show you proper exercise techniques.

9. Make Sure You Actually Like Them

You may want to pick a classmate with the six-pack abs as a gym partner in hopes he might somehow be able to help you achieve the same build, but if you can't stand talking to him for more than five minutes, move on to someone else. It's better to work out with a friend who is out of shape than an annoying fitness fanatic.

10. Choose Someone Who Can Compromise

When looking for a gym buddy, make sure you find someone who is willing to compromise. There may come a time when your fitness goals and interests might change. If you've been exercising with someone who is set on using free-weights only, you'll never get the chance of experiencing a cardio class or hitting the gym's pool for a swim. Also, make sure you are just as flexible as your gym buddy is with you.

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