10 Treatments for Tennis Elbow


Repetitive motions and gripping activities lead to a painful condition called tennis elbow. These motions include sports activities like tennis and weight lifting, jobs such as painting, typing and carpentry, and pastimes like knitting or raking. There are non-surgical and surgical solutions to treating this condition. Here are 10 treatments for tennis elbow.

Rest Your Elbow

The simplest treatment for tennis elbow pain you can do is to rest your elbow. By simply taking a break, you’ll find that your tennis elbow will more than likely heal by itself.


Add Ice to the Sore Area

Reduce the pain and swelling of your tennis elbow by applying ice to the area. Do this every three to four hours for a period of 20 to 30 minutes each time. Continue doing this for two to three days, if necessary.


Change Your Routine

Examine the cause of your tennis elbow and change your habits to keep the pain at bay. For example, try not to grip so tightly, reduce the amount of time doing a specific activity or change your technique to relieve the pressure from your elbow.


Take Pain Relievers

Ease your pain and help reduce the swelling when you take pain relievers. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories are usually sufficient. These include ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen.


Support Your Elbow

Provide extra support to your elbow in the form of an elbow strap, brace or forearm strap. This protects the injured tissue from becoming more stressed and stops you from straining the injured tendon any further.


Do Motion Exercises

Help to increase your elbow’s flexibility and reduce any stiffness by doing various motion exercises. Do these according your doctor’s recommendations, which could be three to five times daily.


Physical Therapy

Gradually stretch out your muscles and strengthen them again with the help of physical therapy. Learn different exercises, such as eccentric exercises, and particularly concentrate on stretching and strengthening your forearm muscles.

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You may need painkilling or steroid injections to treat your tennis elbow. This reduces the joint pain and swelling. Another alternative is dry needling, which involves piercing your damaged tendon in numerous places with a needle.

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Ultrasonic Energy

A surgical procedure called ultrasonic tenotomy may be necessary as a cure for tennis elbow pain. A specially-designed needle is inserted into the damaged area of your tendon by your doctor. The needle vibrates incredibly quickly due to ultrasonic energy, causing the damaged tissue to liquefy and allowing it to be removed by suction.

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If these non-operative methods for elbow joint pain treatment haven’t worked after six to 12 months, you may want to consider surgery. The damaged tissue in your tendon is removed, and the area of tendon around it is repaired.