10 Ways To Look Thinner In An Instant

By Marisa Ramiccio. May 7th 2016

There are a gazillion lose-weight-quick gimmicks out there because people want to shed those extra pounds fast. Who has time for diet and exercise when that hot date is tonight? Well, there is no way to lose weight in an instant, but it is possible to look thinner in an instant if you follow these tips.

1. Wear The Right Shoes

The right shoe can make any outfit and it can also make you look slimmer. The most flattering shoe you can wear if you want to look slimmer is a high heel. Wear a pump that has a slender heel that’s at least two inches high because is makes the calves look thinner. An open or pointed toe also adds to this effect. Choose a nude color or a color that matches your skin tone because it blends into your leg better, making it look longer. Avoid chunky shoes with a square or round toe because they can make your legs look wider.

2. Wear Flattering Pants

They may be called skinny jeans, but that doesn’t mean they’ll actually make you look skinny. Pick pants that fit well and end a quarter-inch from the ground. Capris and bermudas may sound comfortable on a warm day, but they only look good on girls who are really tall and really skinny. Pants that zip on the side or in the back are very flattering because they don’t bulge in the front from the zipper. Pants without pockets can also make you look trim.

Boot cut and straight leg jeans are also very flattering as are dark-colored jeans. Jeans with embellishments such as rhinestones, studs and grommets are not flattering to the figure and can make you look bulky where you’re not. Pair pants and jeans with high heels for a very slimming look.

When it comes to skirts, however, “skinny” is better. Slender pencil skirts or A-line skirts are much more flattering than short flouncy skirts with tight elastic waistbands.

3. Wear A V-neck

V-neck tops are very flattering and are a good way to trick the eye. The open V shape draws the eye away from the stomach and can elongate the look of your body. If you feel your hips and thighs are your problem areas, wear a wider V-neck. It will balance out your lower body.

4. Choose A One-Piece Bathing Suit

If you’re headed to a pool party or are going on vacation, undoubtedly you’ll want to look good in your bathing suit, You may be tempted to wear a bikini, but a one-piece bathing suit is actually more flattering. If you want a longer, thinner-looking leg, wear a bathing suit that’s high-cut.

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Shapewear

Many people, including celebrities, have embraced shapewear as a part of their everyday outfit, so don’t be afraid to give it a try. There are different types of shapewear that can assist you where you need it; some pieces slim and smooth your stomach while others lift your breasts and shape your butt. There are even some bathing suits that have built-in shapewear, to help you look even thinner on that sandy beach.

6. Disguise Your Flaws With Jewelry

Jewelry can make a statement, especially if the statement you want to make is “I look thin.” To make that statement, wear long necklaces because they pull attention away from your hips and belly and guide it toward the center of your body. Bold rings and layers of bracelets draw attention away from the upper arms and large, chunky necklaces call attention to the face.

7. Put Your Hair Up

To make your face look slimmer, try wearing your hair up. A high ponytail or bun with teasing at the crown can bring out your bone structure, making the face look thinner.

8. Break Out The Bronzer

A faux tan can make you look slimmer and can also cover any flaws or blemishes that can catch the eye. The key to applying it is to use a light hand. If you use too much, you’ll end up looking too dark or even orange. If you’re applying it to your face, apply it lightly to the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and along the hairline. Just remember to use it subtly. It can also look patchy when applied to dry, rough areas of skin, so use a towel to blot any dark spots.

9. Wear Black

Black is a very flattering color that can hide a multitude of sins. If you want to look thin in a snap, wear an outfit of black.

10. Drink More Water

Drinking those eight glasses a day not only keeps you hydrated, but it flushes away excess sodium and potassium and reduces belly bloat as well. Stay away from carbonated drinks as well as beans, broccoli, cauliflower and chewing gum as they can induce bloating.


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