Easy Winter Workouts To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

By Ashley Henshaw. May 7th 2016

Winter is just around the corner, which for many people leads to worries about weight gain. The holidays and the cold weather can be a double whammy when it comes to packing on the pounds since most people find themselves eating more while doing less. However, thanks to the easy winter workouts in this article, you don't have to be a victim of winter weight gain this year. Try one of these fun and easy winter workouts that will battle the lack of energy and motivation many people face during the winter months, especially around the holiday season.

1. Workout DVDs

Going to the gym or going out for a run may be your usual workout routine, but colder weather can make it very hard to motivate yourself to go out of the house unless absolutely necessary. If you find yourself avoiding the gym or the roads because of the cold, try getting a workout DVD that you can do right in your own home. There are several benefits to this type of workout, including the fact that it is the most convenient way to exercise. You can cut out time putting on extra layers of clothes to go running or your commute to and from the gym. Instead, simply pop in a DVD and you're ready to go. Additionally, there are so many great workout DVDs available now that you can find an option to suit your workout preferences, whether its yoga, aerobics, strength training or pilates. Try doing your workout in the morning before you go to work; that way, you won't feel bad when you get home that evening and just want to relax on the couch.

2. Join A Gym

If you don't have a problem going places in the winter, then it's the ideal time to join a gym instead of exercising outdoors. Many gyms offer great discounts during and right after the holidays to cater to people who want to lose the weight they gained over too much turkey or fruitcake. Choose a gym that's convenient to your work or your home - if it's a long drive or out of your way, you won't be as motivated to go there, especially if the weather is bad and the drive will take even longer than usual.

3. Winter Sports

You'd be surprised at just how fun winter sports can be. What's even more surprising is how many calories these fun activities burn. WebMD reports that a 160-pound adult can burn over 650 calories with just one hour of cross-country skiing. These amazing calorie-burning effects are the results of sweating under layers of clothing, breathing hard in the crisp air and having to work hard to move through the snow. In addition to cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing, ice skating and even sledding are all great calorie-burning winter sports. Once you give these activities a try, you may start to look forward to winter instead of dreading it. Just remember to be careful - pushing yourself too hard can be dangerous, so ease up if breathing becomes difficult or you feel a rest is needed.

4. Swimming

Find an indoor swimming pool in your area for a great winter workout. Indoor swimming is a great motivator in the winter because it allows you to escape from the harsh weather outside and dream about warmer weather as you take a dip. If you've never done laps for exercise before, get a trainer, take a few classes or get help from an experienced friend before your first try. This will help you get the right form for different strokes so that you can burn more calories and use a variety of muscles in your body. Consider getting goggles, nose plugs and a swim cap as well to make your workout more comfortable. Push yourself to get faster times on your laps with each trip to the pool, then reward yourself with a relaxing visit to the sauna or hot tub afterwards. This will help you burn more calories and then relax your muscles after the workout.

Tip To Keep In Mind:

  • Stay hydrated. Many people tend to drink less water in the winter because the cold weather doesn't trigger their thirst.
  • Warm up thoroughly. Your muscles may take a little longer to warm up due to the colder weather. Give yourself sometime to start moving and then do at least 5-to-10 minutes of stretching before beginning your workout.
  • Take lessons. For winter sports you've never tried before, it's helpful to have an experienced athlete show you the ropes before you go out on your own. You'll have more fun when you know how to do it right and you'll also prevent unnecessary injuries.
  • Stay warm. If you're going to be outside, dress in plenty of layers. You'll start out warm and then, if necessary, you can shed a layer or two as you heat up. Even if you exercise indoors, be sure you dress warm before going back outside. You may be tempted to go outside to cool off, but it's safer to make sure you protect your body from the cold, even if you're already warm.


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