7 Dangerous Ballpark Foods To Avoid

By Matthew Cenzon. May 7th 2016

A trip to the ballpark is always accompanied with a copious amount of snacks and treats - it's just a part of the whole ballpark atmosphere. A baseball game just wouldn't be the same without something to constantly munch on. Unfortunately, most ballpark foods are disastrous for a healthy diet. The next time you're planning to watch your favorite team play on their home field, remember to skip on these dangerous ballpark foods:

1. Pretzel with Dip

A regular, or even salted, pretzel isn't such a bad idea for the health conscientious. A whole grain pretzel can even be looked at as a healthy alternative to other ballpark foods. However, all that nutritional value goes right out the window the moment you decide on having some unhealthy dips with your pretzel. From spicy cheese to sugar frosting, unhealthy dips are notorious for turning pretzels into calorie-filled, sugar-laden hunks of dough.

2. Nachos

If you can have your nachos without the cheese, then you have nothing to fear. Unfortunately, a nacho isn't a nacho without the cheese, it would just be a tray of tortilla chips. According to FitSugar.com, this common ballpark food has over 500 calories and nearly 30 grams of fat. In all honesty, you could just opt for the chips with some salsa or jalapenos, if you could get over the fact that you're not really eating nachos.

3. Chili Cheese Dog

The hot dog is one of the most well-known ballpark foods in the world. Every ballpark tends to create their own, signature version to keep the fans coming back for more. While it is very possible to find a relatively healthy hot dog, especially if you opt for a meat substitute like soy, most of these ballpark hot dogs are anything but good for you. The common culprit of making a hot dog unhealthy is the dreaded, but delicious, chili cheese. If you can stave off the hot gooey mess of the classic chili cheese dog, you're doing your body a favor.

4. Chili Cheese Fries

French fries aren't very healthy to begin with, but adding a helping of chili cheese makes them just as bad as a chili cheese dog. The worst part about the chili cheese fries at ballparks is they tend to give far more chili cheese than what is actually needed for the serving of fries. While fans feel they are getting their money's worth, they are also allowing themselves to ingest more saturated fat and calories.

5. Beer

Beer is another classic, ballpark staple that many can't resist. It can be found in virtually every ballpark around the country, or the globe for that matter. In moderation, beer isn't so bad. However, there's something about ballpark that entices people to drink far too much alcohol than they're accustomed to, and that is exactly why beer is on this list of dangerous ballpark foods to avoid. Just remember, when you're ordering that second glass of beer, the servings are almost always bigger than the standard size when you're at the ballpark. Therefore, one ballpark cup of beer can actually be considered two servings, sometimes more.

6. Sausages of the Pork Variety

Hot dogs are one ballpark food you need to be careful with, but sausages, especially of the pork variety, are a whole other story. From bratwursts to Italian sausages, many ballparks give their attendees numerous choices for what they want to stuff between a hot dog bun. While a chili cheese dog is bad, a pork sausage dog can be even worse. Now, a pork sausage dog, withchili cheese, then you're just asking for trouble.

7. The Luther Burger

There are plenty of ballpark burgers that could have been included on this list. Burgers ridiculous in size, nearly matching the weight of a newborn baby, burgers slathered in chili and cheese, or burgers with enough calories to match several days' worth of food all deserve a special place on someone's "Unhealthy Foods" list. However, the Luther Burger won the prize spot for this list.

According to legend, the burger was named after a famous singer-songwriter and record producer. Its construction consists of an all-beef patty coated in melted cheese, topped with crispy bacon and stuffed between two classic, Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. One cannot begin to imagine just how bad this monstrosity can be for your body. According to Health Magazine, the Luther Burger has roughly 40 grams of fat. If you are curious of how it tastes, and have no fear of heart attack or stroke, you should pay a visit to the minor league Gateway Grizzlies' stadium in Illinois for a taste of the Luther Burger.


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