Top 5 Diet Food Delivery Programs

May 7th 2016

Diet food delivery plans are an ideal option for busy individuals who are looking to lose weight or maintain balanced diets. With meal options ranging from breakfast and snacks to three full meals per day, diet food delivery plans allow for healthy portion control, balanced calories and optimal weight loss.

South Beach Diet Food Delivery

South Beach Diet is a trusted brand that offers a variety of commercial items, such as frozen meals, supplements and diet beverages. South Beach Diet also offers a diet food delivery program that features fresh, chef-prepared meals in three separate phases. Phase one is designed to help members change their eating patterns and minimize cravings. Phase two is designed to assist members in reaching their goal weights, and phase three consists of a maintenance menu that helps to keep the pounds from returning. As of May 2015, the South Beach Diet delivery program consists of 21 meals per week for $189.95.


Nutrisystem is a popular diet food delivery program that guarantees a 5-pound weight loss after one week. Meal plans consist of five to six small meals per day, with fresh groceries added in for optimal nutrition. Nutrisystem's Basic plan starts at $9.29 per day, while the most popular "Core" plan costs approximately $10 per day. Members also have the option of customizing their plans for approximately $12.14 per day. Menu items include apple cinnamon oatmeal, pancakes, fettuccine Alfredo, hamburgers and more. Nutrisystem also offers healthy protein shakes that help to fill in the gaps between meals and encourage weight loss.

Diet to Go

Diet to Go offers customized meals that are delivered weekly via FedEx. Delivery charges can vary depending on specific locations, but meal plans typically start at $157.99 per week for seven days of 21 meals. Customers can also eliminate the weekends and request five days of delivery for a total of 15 meals or lower their daily deliveries to two meals per day. Diet to Go offers vegetarian meals, low-carb meals and diabetic-friendly meals. Menu items include Greek burritos, pasta salads, omelettes, prime rib and grilled pork chops.

Fresh Diet

Fresh Diet is a diet meal delivery service that provides meal plans that consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two healthy snacks. All meals are customized and portion-controlled to meet the individual needs of each customer. The program offers over 150 meal options, and customers are allowed to pick and choose exactly what they want delivered on a daily basis. Plan options include a seven-day starter plan for $249 per week and a 31-day plan for $39.99 per day. Prices can vary depending on offer specials and specific menu items. Menu selections include fruit salads, mango-stuffed pork, sloppy Joes, key lime pie and omelettes.


NutriFit is a California-based diet food delivery service that serves customers nationwide. The service offers nutritional plans, family meal plans, sports-specific nutrition plans and body-after-baby plans. Pricing ranges from $27.50 to $51.75 per day, depending on plan specifics. Menu items include frittatas, chicken enchiladas, artichoke soup and afternoon protein smoothies.


Diet food delivery programs provide customized low-fat meals via delivery to customers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, allowing for balanced nutrition and healthy weight loss. While program specifics can vary, most programs offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options and allow customers to pick and choose their specific meal items from pre-planned menus. Learning about the specific meal plans offered by some of the top diet food delivery programs can help interested individuals make informed decisions regarding their specific dietary needs.

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