Worst Breakfast Foods To Start Your Day

By Matthew Cenzon. May 7th 2016

Breakfast is well-known for being considered the most important meal of the day for its numerous health benefits. There is an abundance of healthy breakfast options for you to choose from like a slice of cantaloupe and a granola bar, or a bowl of oatmeal with a sprinkle of cinnamon for flavor. Now, here is a list of the worst breakfast foods you should avoid:


Breakfast is one of those rare times where you get to eat your dessert as your entire meal, or at least part of the meal. Bear claws, Danish, cinnamon rolls, strudels, toaster pastries, muffins, turnovers and coffee cakes are just a few examples of common breakfast pastries. While all these breakfast foods easily make your mouth water, here a few reasons why they should be avoided at the breakfast table:

  • High sugar content from frosting, glaze and other ingredients.
  • Excessive carbohydrates that will leave you feeling hungry much sooner than a healthy helping of lean protein.
  • Most are made with rich, white flour instead of whole grains.
  • High fat and calorie content.

Try substituting a healthy slice of whole grain toast or an English muffin for one of these pastries to lower the risk of developing diabetes and poor cardiovascular health.

Certain Egg Dishes

By themselves, eggs are a great source of protein. They have also been shown to contain numerous vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin D. While some people are wary of the amount of cholesterol, they can still reap the health benefits of eggs through moderation, or by only eating egg whites. However, here are a few examples of how eggs are often transformed into artery clogging monstrosities at the breakfast table:

  • Omelets filled with cheese and fatty meats.
  • Scrambled eggs made with milk or sour cream, then slathered with cheese and salt.
  • Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce.
  • Frying eggs with unhealthy cooking oil like lard.

There are, of course, many healthy ways to prepare your eggs in the morning:

  • Make an omelet with green peppers and onions, and substitute the meat with avocados.
  • Make a hard-boiled egg.
  • Cook fried eggs with a healthy vegetable oil.

Fatty Meats

Bacon, sausages and hams are common staples of a big breakfast. They are also common staples for heart disease, increased HDL cholesterol and strokes. Lean protein is very important for a healthy breakfast and can help you stay full until it's time for lunch. Healthy meat substitutes, chicken and eggs are a few sources of lean proteins that can replace that serving of bacon or sausage patties on your breakfast plate.


This food might fall under "pastries," but it really deserves a category of its own. Donuts are one of the most common breakfast foods because they are quick, easy and affordable. You always see them in the break room and they're commonly offered at schools and gatherings. With a couple bucks, you can feed an entire team of people with these popular breakfast treats. But guess what? Donuts are one of the worst foods you can possibly eat! Just stop for a minute and think about the frightening characteristics of a donut:

  • Deep fried.
  • Full of sugar whether it's sprinkled, powdered or glazed.
  • Many contain trans-fat.
  • Most are made with white flour instead of whole grains.
  • Some even have more bad stuff injected into them in the form of jelly or cream.
  • Their nutritional value is little to non-existent.

These fatty, sugar-filled, high calorie rings of destruction can lead to obesity, an increased risk of a heart attack and many other serious health conditions. Do your body a favor and avoid this terrible breakfast food.

Fruit Juice

Believe it or not, fruit juices can actually be unhealthy when compared to eating an actual whole fruit. Many fruit juices made from apples, grapes, grapefruit and oranges have added sugar that can make them just as bad as drinking a soda for breakfast. If you're looking for that boost of vitamin C for breakfast, you're better off eating fruits instead of drinking them. If you must have that cup of OJ with your breakfast meal, make sure you limit the serving size. The acceptable list of breakfast beverages still includes:

  • Plain coffee
  • Water
  • Tea
  • Non-fat, low fat milk

Healthy Foods that can be Unhealthy

Aside from fruit juice, certain foods that are commonly looked at as being healthy can actually be considered unhealthy just by simply reading the nutrition label:

  • Yogurt: This common breakfast food is a great source of vitamins, calcium and protein, but might can also be high in sugar, fat and calories. Make sure you read the nutrition label and avoid yogurt and other dairy products made from whole milk, and opt for non-fat or low-fat options.
  • Cereal: Cereals are a great way to get your daily dose of fiber with numerous whole grain products available. The cereals you need to avoid are the ones filled with sugar that have poor nutritional value.
  • Bagels: A whole grain bagel can be a great breakfast option, that is, until you coat it with a thick layer of cream cheese. Try using a healthier spread like hummus or Greek yogurt.

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