3 Common Treatments for a Staph Infection

May 7th 2016

Staph infections should be treated immediately with antibiotics. Patients should also carefully clean and sanitize the wound area to avoid the risk of the infection spreading to other areas of the skin or developing into more serious conditions that can lead to serious health problems.

Treatment With Antibiotics

The most common treatment for a staph infection includes a round of antibiotics. Many people respond to doses of penicillin; however, stronger antibiotics may be necessary for infections that have progressed, especially if individuals have become resistant to antibiotics. In extreme cases, patients with staph infections may be hospitalized to allow medical staff to administer antibiotics intravenously.

Treatment With Wound Care

Staph infections often affect the flesh and can cause discomfort and pain on the skin. Wound care is a necessary treatment option. Clean and drain the wound daily to prevent germs and additional bacteria from progressing the infection.

Treatment With Surgery

In extreme cases, surgery may be necessary to treat a staph infection. Deep staph infections that affect fibers and muscles that enclose muscles may need to be surgically cleaned. Surgeons can drain the wound and surgically remove affected skin or surgically clean the area to prevent staph infections from spreading.


Preventative methods to avoid staph infections include general hygiene practices such as washing hands thoroughly with soap and water and cleaning and covering cuts and scrapes until healed. People should also avoid contact with others' bandages and wounds and avoid sharing personal items such as cosmetics, clothing and towels.


Individuals exposed to staph bacteria can develop infections that are carried in the mouth, nose, genitals or anal area without any symptoms that indicate an infection exists. Staph infections may lead to a simple boil, which is relatively harmless, or may cause more serious infections that damage the flesh. Patients should seek treatment immediately to avoid serious complications that can develop.

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