3 Natural Alternatives to Testosterone Therapy

May 7th 2016

Testosterone supplements are only indicated where blood tests show a significantly reduced level of testosterone in the blood over an extended period. If you feel that your levels just need a boost, try looking at your lifestyle and make some key changes to bring your hormones into line naturally.

Sleep Well

Sleep deprivation affects many of the hormones and chemicals in your body. Because of the way the body makes and uses testosterone, this can have a huge impact on your testosterone levels.

Aim for seven to eight hours per night of sleep, rearranging your schedule or dropping late-night TV and video games if necessary. By scheduling in time for good quality sleep, you help to ensure it happens. If this is not enough, and you have issues getting enough sleep, talk to your doctor about sleep therapies.

Stay Active

Testosterone is produced by the body "on demand". This means that if you are inactive or sedentary, less is produced. To combat this, aim for around 20 minutes of aerobic activity, such as walking each day, combined with basic resistance or strength training to encourage muscle development. This signals to your body that it needs to make more testosterone to support these muscles. Don't overdo it, though, as intense training such as that done by professional athletes actually decreases testosterone production.


Stressful situations, thoughts and experiences cause your body to produce cortisol, the stress hormone. While it is doing this, your body does not have as many resources available to produce testosterone, so prolonged stress can lead to lower testosterone levels. Try to cut back on your work hours if you are doing more than 10 hours a day, and ensure that at least a couple of hours each day are spent doing something non-work related that you enjoy.


If you are suffering some of the symptoms of low testosterone, such as fatigue, weight fluctuations or reduced sex drive, you may be tempted to approach your doctor for testosterone supplements. However, there are some natural ways to increase your testosterone levels that are worth trying before you turn to medication.

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