3 Natural Strategies to Counteract Memory Loss

May 7th 2016

Anyone can suffer from memory loss, but it typically manifests in old age. These three natural strategies help counteract mental decline at any age, and it is never too early to get started.

Make a Habit of Learning

The learning process triggers new neuron connections within the brain, regardless of a person's age, which helps keep the brain healthy and functioning properly. Enroll in pottery classes or take a college course in economics to stimulate your mind academically and socially, or take time out for crossword puzzles and brain games at home. Learn to play an instrument, take up a new hobby or simply read a book to improve memory and prevent decline.

Stay Active

Age-related memory loss may be associated with a progressive loss of brain cells, but a decrease in the amount of blood flowing to the brain may also contribute. Individuals who stay mentally and socially active minimize cell loss, while those who are physically active improve circulation and blood flow, as well as overall health and brain function. Engage in moderate aerobic exercise such as walking or swimming at least three days a week, enroll in a yoga class or learn to play tennis. Make sure to discuss your fitness plans with your doctor before you begin.

Eat Right and Take Vitamins

A healthy, balanced diet rich in age-defying nutrients and antioxidants benefits the body and the mind. Opt for lean proteins such as fish and grilled chicken, along with whole grains, low-fat dairy products and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Vitamins C and E may have a positive effect on memory and brain function according to multiple studies. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, kiwi and raspberries, while vitamin E is derived from almonds, spinach and turnip greens. Both vitamins, along with other memory boosters such as B6, B12 and folate, are also available as supplements.


Forgetfulness and old age go hand-in-hand, but some research suggests memory decline may begin as early as the age of 20. The human brain never stops developing as previous theories suggest, and it can stay at peak performance with proper care just like other systems in the body. The following natural ways to improve memory are beneficial to children, adults and seniors.

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