3 Treatments to Make Hair Appear Thicker and Fuller

May 7th 2016

Thin hair can be a pain, but there are easy and effective ways to help manage it and make it look thicker. Work with your stylist, and practice some at-home treatments to give your hair more volume.

Choose the Right Style

Your haircut can go a long way toward making your hair look more full. It is usually best to avoid a clear part, especially at the center, because this can highlight your thinning roots. Shorter styles are better for thin hair because longer hair breaks more easily and shows more damage. You can also play around with severe, strong lines to give your hair a thicker appearance. If you have slightly longer hair, ask your stylist to put layers in it to give the illusion of volume.

Excessive blow-drying or applying harsh straighteners can damage your hair, exacerbating the problem. Try to choose a style you can dry for just a few minutes if you need to use a dryer at all.

Use Mousse

Although oily creams and heavy gels can give your hair a flat look that emphasizes its thinness, a high-quality mousse can create volume without stickiness. Apply it when your hair is still a little damp from the shower, and work it in thoroughly. It needs to cover every strand from roots to end. Comb through and style like usual to give a bit of extra thickness.

Use Dry Shampoo at Night

Dry shampoo can sometimes make thin hair look flat and oily, but applying it at night can get around these problems. This works because the corn starch or powder soaks up the oil in your hair overnight, reducing its effect on your hair. Using dry shampoo can also help you go longer between washing your hair, which minimizes damage. If you have darker hair, you may want to consider using a colored hair powder to help mask your scalp.


Thin hair can make you look older and give your style a lackluster appearance. Dealing with it can be frustrating and expensive, but there are some easy and natural treatments you can use to instantly give your thin hair more volume.

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