4 Ways Testosterone Therapy Can Change Your Life

May 7th 2016

Although testosterone therapy has risks, there can also be significant health benefits for some men. Talk to your doctor if you think it might be right for you.

Improve Your Mental State

Low testosterone may cause depression, lack of self-confidence and lack of motivation in some men. The hormone is linked to energy and aggression, which translates to an active lifestyle and confidence in most men. Keeping your testosterone levels steady as you age can balance out your emotional state. Many people with low testosterone also experience difficulty sleeping, which hormone therapy can help. However, testosterone therapy may cause sleep apnea in some men.

Get Your Strength Back

Many men with low testosterone find it difficult to build muscle and tend to gain fat instead. Testosterone therapy can help you get back to building lean muscle, which may increase your strength and athletic ability. It also helps you stay looking fit. Hormone replacement therapy can help keep your bones strong and healthy, which prevents osteoporosis and injury.

Lower Your Heart Disease Risk

Studies have found that normal testosterone levels can help keep your coronary arteries open wide, which increases blood flow and prevents heart problems. Low testosterone is also linked to a variety of other heart problems, although the exact mechanism is unclear. However, there is a possibility testosterone therapy can help.

Increase Your Libido

Many men find their sex drive drops as their testosterone decreases. This may simply be a lack of desire, or it can manifest as erectile dysfunction. Testosterone replacement therapy is generally successful at increasing libido and can help with ED.


Lower testosterone is a normal part of the male aging process, with levels beginning to decrease slowly after age 30 or 40. Every man experiences this process differently, but some men have unpleasant effects that may impact their lives. Although testosterone therapy is not a total cure and may not help all men, those with low testosterone may experience these benefits.

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