5 Must-Know Risks of Rhinoplasty

May 7th 2016

Unhappiness With the Final Look

Rhinoplasty is an incredibly difficult and delicate surgery, and in a poor surgeon's hands, your nose could wind up looking deformed. In addition, not every nose can be perfectly transformed into any possible shape, and some patients have genetically weak cartilage that doesn't hold up well during surgery. Patients must be realistic about what can be achieved.


Infection is a risk of any surgery, and rhinoplasty is no exception. Investigate the surgery center where you're considering having your surgery done, and see if you can learn its complications rate. Some plastic surgeons prescribe antibiotics for patients to take prophylactically before undergoing surgery to try to prevent infection.

Breathing Problems

Sometimes, a nose job results in subsequent breathing problems due to obstructions introduced into the nasal cavity by the surgery or due to significant swelling inside the nose. Another complication of rhinoplasties is that of septal perforation. This occurs when a small hole is introduced into the septum, the tissue that divides the two nostrils from each other. Septal perforation creates an odd whistling sound whenever the person speaks.

Skin Problems

One result of any surgery can be skin necrosis, in which the skin around the surgical area breaks down. In addition, skin can react to the latex tape often used for bandaging.

Follow-Up Surgeries

If you're not happy with the look of your nose after a rhinoplasty or if you experience breathing problems, it's possible you may need revision surgery, which itself poses further risks. Revision surgery is even more complex than an initial rhinoplasty, in part, because the surgeon typically has less tissue and cartilage to work with. It's also more expensive and less likely to have an aesthetically pleasing outcome.


If you've been unhappy with the way your nose looks for much of your life, you may decide to investigate rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job. Rhinoplasty is customized surgery designed to alter your nose to your specifications. Your plastic surgeon can make your nose smaller, change its angle, smooth out bumps and change the tip of the nose. As with all cosmetic surgeries, however, rhinoplasty comes with some risks. Here are five of the top risks you face when you choose rhinoplasty.

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