5 Natural Methods of Pest Control

May 7th 2016

Rodent or insect invasions of homes and apartments are often unavoidable. Work to eliminate these pests with natural solutions that do not pose health risks for children, adults and pets.

Eliminate Dirty and Wet Areas

Rodents and insects are often attracted to water and food. Eliminate spills, exposed garbage and ripe fruit from your home. Wash dishes daily with soap instead of leaving them in the sink, where they could attract ants. Clean food residue out of the bottom of garbage cans to reduce the temptation for insects and rodents. Seal containers with food and beverages tightly and store them in the refrigerator or freezer. Vacuum and sweep your floors regularly to eliminate dust mites. Leaky faucets that allow water to accumulate frequently attract insects and rodents, so get your faulty plumbing repaired as soon as possible to control swarms of unwanted pests.

Keep Pets Clean

Your beloved pets could be attracting unwanted pests into the home. Wash the bedding for your cats and dogs frequently to eliminate any pests that fester in your pets' hair or travel inside with your animals. Comb your pets' fur regularly with a flea comb before allowing them back into the home. Regularly wash the rugs and upholstery that your pets contact on a daily basis.

Seal Entryways

Deny insects and rodents access to your house by sealing off potential entry points. Check doorways for cracks, and seal your windows to eliminate easy access for unwanted pests. Use silicone caulk to seal off moldings, pipes, sinks, ducts or baseboards to eliminate any entryways that pests may be using to enter and invade your home. Repair holes in screens on doors or windows, and place screens in front of cooling and heating vents so mice, flies and bugs cannot easily enter your home and multiply before you know it. If you store stacked firewood or vegetation near the exterior of your house, you may be inviting pests to invade. Move debris away from the home so pests cannot easily climb into the home.

Seek Lower-Risk Pesticides

Combat those creepy and crawly pests with lower-risk pesticides that are safe for using in the areas of your home that your children and pets occupy. Dust nontoxic boric acid on crevices and cracks to eliminate cockroaches and ants. Control the invasion of pests with tamper-resistant bait boxes, which are often safer than pellets, powders and sprays that spread pesticide throughout the home. Insecticidal or fatty acid soaps also help to kill fleas, mites and caterpillars without posing harmful risks to your home's occupants.

Fight Fleas With Natural Solutions

Fight the invasion of ants with soap and water. Keep a small spray bottle close, and spray those pesky pests with water and soapy water to deter their entrance into your home. Set out cucumber slices or peels near entry points to deter ants. Dry, crushed mint leaves or tea bags also work as a natural deterrent for insects.


Unwanted creepy and crawly critters in your home can pose a challenge when you have children and pets. Chemical insecticides are not always safe for the well-being of the people and pets in your home. Seek out natural solutions to control unwanted pests to free your home of rodents or insects that squeak, buzz and crawl on walls, floors and counters.

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