Do's and Don'ts for Treating Multiple Sclerosis Naturally

May 7th 2016

Don't Avoid Conventional Medicine

Most people with MS start taking medication shortly after the disease is diagnosed. This FDA-approved treatment helps manage symptoms, but it also slows down the progression of the disease. As of 2015, there are no natural treatments that have been shown to do this.

Do Talk to Your Doctor

Although many people think that natural remedies are safe, the truth is that any herb or supplement that is powerful enough to treat your symptoms also has the potential to interfere with your other medications. It may simply render them ineffective, or it could cause a life-threatening interaction. Always discuss new treatments with your doctor before using them.

Don't Believe the Hype

Natural remedies are big business, and some unethical sellers claim that the right herb can cure MS. These companies are generally trying to make a quick profit and may provide inferior products. Even if the natural remedy does help your MS, you probably won't see the miracle benefits they advertise. Be cautious, and do your research.

Do Consider Minor Changes

Although it takes more effort than simply taking a supplement every morning, minor lifestyle changes can be one of the best natural treatments for MS symptoms. Eating a balanced, healthy diet and staying active may reduce your symptoms, and reducing your alcohol intake and quitting smoking have also been shown to be beneficial.

Do Exercise Your Body and Mind

Many symptoms of MS, such as fatigue and muscle spasticity, can make it hard for you to stay active. However, there is evidence that a careful exercise program can slow down the progress of these symptoms. Yoga and tai chi are both commonly recommended for people with MS because they work on both strength and flexibility. They can also be modified, so you can do them at almost any stage of the illness.

Another benefit of these forms of exercise is that they encourage meditation as well. Regular meditation has been shown to reduce chronic pain and improve the quality of life for people experiencing a long-term illness. Meditation can also be practiced at home while you are sitting or lying down, which is helpful for those bad days when you cannot exercise.


Multiple sclerosis can be a difficult and painful illness to live with, and many people suffering from it turn to natural treatments. Some of these treatments are advertised as miracle cures, while others boast more modest benefits. If you are considering using natural remedies for your MS, follow these simple guidelines for the safest course of treatment.

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