Traditional and Non-Traditional Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

May 7th 2016

Upon receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis, a multidisciplinary team is likely to be compiled to work as a team during your care. These specialists will guide you through the process of treating the cancer while making you aware of the available treatment options. This includes traditional and non-traditional options. The team of doctors works together with you to devise the best treatment plan to treat your cancer.

Open Radical Prostatectomy

This procedure is an option when total removal of the prostate must take place. During this surgery, the seminal vesicles are also removed. This is to help prevent a reoccurrence later.

For men undergoing this surgery, some sexual function disruption is expected. Some men experience a more extreme loss of sexual function along with some urinary incontinence. When possible, the nerves surrounding the surgical field will be left intact. If this is possible during the surgery, less disruption to penile function is noticed.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a traditional treatment option that is ideal for early stage diagnoses. The goal of radiation therapy is to make a first attempt at eliminating the cancer entirely. Radiation is typically used for localized treatments of a specific area of the body, making it an ideal option for early stage prostate cancer patients.

Patients that do not have exterior signs of prostate cancer are the best candidates for radiation treatment.

Lycopene Supplements

The powerful antioxidants in lycopene can slow down the growth of tumors in prostate cancer patients. It is appropriate to discuss this as an addition to your treatment plan with your physician. It does not have any side effects and helps with total body health and immune system health.

Natural Nausea Relief

Nausea is a common side effect of prostate cancer treatment. Peppermint tea is an alternative option to treat the nausea associated with radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The tea works best to relieve nausea when served hot.

Acupuncture for Pain Management

Managing the pain of the disease itself, along with the body pain that is associated with radiation and chemotherapy is difficult. Along with prescribed medications, prostate cancer patients can gain some pain relief from acupuncture. This alternative medicine option can also assist in stress relief during treatment as well.

Prostate cancer has a variety of treatment options, both traditional and non-traditional. Depending on the stage of the cancer, a combination of both traditional and non-traditional treatments may be explored. Discuss non-traditional treatment options as an addition to your treatment plan. These methods can help reduce the stressful effects of the cancer on the body, as well as the effects of the treatment themselves.

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