3 Natural Ways to Reduce the Pain of Periods

May 7th 2016

Managing menstrual pain is not pleasant, but it is certainly feasible. Finding ways to limit the production of prostaglandins, using remedies that also aid restful sleep and helping your body to run effectively by managing vitamin levels are all ways to make these trying times pass more easily.


Most of the cramping pains you feel during a period are caused by uterine contractions. These are triggered by higher levels of prostaglandins in your body at that time. To counteract these hormones, encourage your body to create and circulate natural endorphins by exercising as vigorously as possible. This gets the blood moving more easily and helps to ease hormonal strains. If you happen to find sex a good form of exercise, you also find that orgasms help to relieve the cramping and aid sleep, so a little bedroom exercise can provide double benefits.

Chamomile Tea

Studies indicate the fragrant beverage helps to relieve pain because of an anti-inflammatory effect that negates prostaglandin production. The number of women investigated in the studies is very small, so it is not yet known if this remedy works generally. However, as chamomile is also indicated to help with aiding restful sleep, it is a good remedy to try at night.

Vitamin D

In large doses, vitamin D3 appears to cause a measurable reduction in reported menstrual pain. Many women run short of this valuable vitamin due to avoiding the sun and animal products, so it is important to have enough in your diet or get sufficient safe exposure to sunlight to create your own. See your doctor for a blood test to check the level of the vitamin in your blood if you have any concerns.


If you prefer not to reach for the painkillers when monthly cramping strikes, there are a few alternatives to try. While natural options cannot guarantee a pain-free period, trials have shown that many of them are effective for the majority of women. They also have the advantage of being extremely safe and generally free of side effects.

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