3 Simple Ways to Prevent Traveler's Constipation

May 7th 2016

Start Each Day With Fiber

While travel and vacation time often means partaking in delicious foods and beverages, there is always room for a small amount of healthy fiber. Starting your day off with fiber-filled foods such as a bran muffin, banana or some yogurt topped with berries provides a burst of energy and helps keep your bowel movements regular, so you can enjoy your trip without digestive disruption.

Avoid Extended Periods of Sitting

When a traveling excursion consists of driving cross-country, constipation often results due to extended periods of non-movement. To prevent constipation, it is always a good idea to stop every few hours to get out of the vehicle and stretch. Taking a short, brisk walk also helps stimulate the muscles in the digestive system, allowing for healthy regularity. If traveling by plane, standing up and walking the aisle when allowed can also keep the blood flowing and wake up the digestive system.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is a frequent cause of constipation, as the colon requires fluid from food and water in order to function properly. Additionally, water stimulates the digestive muscles and helps fiber work more effectively in the digestive system, allowing for more healthy and regular bowel movements. Drinking up to 10 glasses of water a day not only helps keep you regular, but it also aids in removing toxins from the system, promotes healthy skin and keeps the body fluids maintained.


Traveler's constipation is a common affliction that is caused by dietary changes such as inadequate fluid intake, changes in meal times and using unfamiliar restrooms. Enjoying different foods at restaurants while on holiday can also lead to less fiber in the diet, which can result in constipation.

While it is not always easy for travelers to stick to their normal routine when visiting a foreign land or relaxing on a tropical getaway, following some simple guidelines can help prevent constipation. If you are planning a vacation and want to make sure your digestive system agrees with you, follow these easy tips to remain regular and comfortable during your travels.


When traveling for business or pleasure, individuals tend to fall out of their daily routines. This often causes the internal body clock to become hindered, leading to constipation and other digestive woes. Airport food, late nights, time changes and travel stress can all contribute to constipation, so it is important for travelers to take steps such as increasing fluid intake and eating high-fiber snacks. While many bouts of traveler's constipation are easily treatable with simple, natural methods, it is important to seek medical attention if symptoms are long-lasting or accompanied by severe stomach pain.

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