3 Things You Didn't Know About Foot Drop

May 7th 2016

Foot drop can increase your risks of falling or tripping, so it is important to clear your environments of clutter or walking hazards. Consult with a physician for recommended therapies and treatment options to improve the rehabilitation process once you are diagnosed with foot drop.

Caused by Muscle Weakness

Individuals with foot drop often experience this condition due to muscle weakness or paralysis resulting from nerve injury. You may begin to notice symptoms when the nerves in your leg in charge of controlling muscles are compressed, making it difficult to lift the affected foot. People who have muscle or nerve disorders may also experience this condition in addition to individuals with spinal cord and brain disorders. A pinched nerve in the spine or nerve injury resulting from knee or hip replacement surgery can also cause you to suffer from foot drop.

Affects Only One Foot

It is rare for people to experience foot drop in both feet. Common symptoms of this condition include difficulty with lifting the front part of the foot, dragging one foot while walking and numbness in the toes or on the skin on top of the foot.

Treated With Therapy

Foot drop is often a symptom of an underlying condition, so most patients may notice the symptoms disappear once the existing condition is treated. You may also be encouraged to attend physical therapy sessions to strengthen motion in your knee and your leg muscles or undergo nerve stimulation to improve foot drop. Some people also wear splints or braces that help keep the affected foot in a comfortable position.


Foot drop is a condition that weakens muscles in the ankle and toes, causing patients to unintentionally drag the front of the foot when walking. The condition is a neuromuscular disorder that is often a symptom of lower back problems. People who have foot drop find it difficult to walk on the heels and may resort to bending the knee to lift the foot higher to avoid scuffles when walking. Find out more about the causes, symptoms and treatments for foot drop to evaluate if you are affected by this condition.

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