4 Common Causes of Skin Boils

May 7th 2016

Skin boils that appear can often be treated with home remedies such as applying a warm compress to drain the pus or washing the sores with rubbing alcohol and antibacterial soap. You may need to consult with a physician if your skin boils do not drain. Doctors can make a small incision and drain the pus or prescribe antibiotics to help your body fight off bacterial infections. Maintaining a healthy diet and practicing good hygiene are crucial to prevent skin infections from forming and developing that ultimately result in skin boils or clusters of painful sores.

Poor Hygiene

Skin boils are caused by bacteria that enters the skin. People with poor hygiene are more susceptible to skin boils because bacteria and germs lay on the skin and can enter through small cuts and nicks. Prevent skin boils from forming by washing your body and hands regularly with antibacterial soap and keeping your clothes and bedding clean and free from germs.

Immune System Problems

It is difficult to fight off bacterial infections when your immune system is weak. Skin boils can form and progress into an infection if your body is unable to eliminate the bacteria. Protect your body and skin from deep infections by seeking out assistance from a medical professional to boost your immune system and safeguard your skin and body from bacteria.

Exposure to Harsh Chemicals

Skin irritations often begin with a small rash or bump, but when exposed to harsh chemicals, your skin may become more irritated and susceptible to bacterial infections. Skin boils can develop when you are exposed to harsh chemicals, especially if bacteria enters the skin through abrasions that are not covered or treated.

Pre-Existing Conditions

You are much more at risk for developing skin irritations and skin boils if you have been diagnosed with a condition that weakens your body, such as diabetes. Diabetics who struggle to maintain healthy blood sugar levels are at risk for injury and falling that can produce cuts and abrasions. Bacteria that causes skin boils can easily enter through nicks and cuts on the skin and form small or large bumps or clusters of skin boils known as carbuncles.


Skin boils are infections within the tissues of the skin and the hair follicles that can cause painful, sore and hard bumps to form on your neck, arm, armpits, face and thighs and ultimately fill with pus. The infection can also cause extreme symptoms that include fever and chills and swollen lymph nodes. Learn how to prevent these painful skin sores by knowing the causes.

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