4 Home Remedies for Hair Loss

May 7th 2016

Always consult a medical professional before starting any treatments to help with hair loss. Some chemical treatments and surgical procedures may add hair to your head, but practical at-home methods can help reduce hair loss naturally before you embark on more extreme measures.

Eat Better

Make sure your diet includes plenty of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including protein, iron, zinc and biotin. Vary your protein intake among lean meats, legumes, nuts, seeds and fish. Everyone should eat two to three 3-ounce servings of meat or four to five servings of dairy and beans every day. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish and nuts help the scalp retain hair. In addition to protein, consume up to 10 servings of vegetables and up to four fruits and assorted grains daily. Eating properly doesn't bring your hair back, but it may make the hair you do have thicker and healthier.

Try Supplements

Before you take supplements, read the labels and consult with your doctor. Look for supplements certified by U.S. Pharmacopeia and NSF International for purity and content. Supplements containing gamma-linolenic acid from black currant oil or evening primrose oil may improve hair growth after six to eight weeks of daily 500-milligram doses. Saw palmetto may promote hair growth in men because it inhibits the body's ability to convert testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. The recommended dose of saw palmetto extract is 160 milligrams standardized to at least 85 percent of total fatty acids, twice a day.

Reduce Stress

Stress may increase hair loss, so additional worry or concern over it is counterintuitive. Find ways to manage stress, such as music, yoga, exercise or massage, to encourage physical and emotional relaxation.

Simplify Styling

Reduce damage to your hair by doing less with it. Air dry rather than blow dry your hair; let it hang loose instead of pulling it back in a tight bun with a rubber band; avoid hot curling irons and straightening tools; don't dye, perm or use harsh chemicals on your hair

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