4 Ways to Eliminate House Fleas

May 7th 2016

Proper hygiene practices can help prevent fleas from hatching and attracting themselves to people and areas in your home. Clean your floors and surfaces daily, and wash common areas of your home on a weekly basis to prevent the development of fleas and an infestation that can potentially harm pets and family members who live in your home.

Daily Vacuuming

Fleas can hatch and bury themselves in carpets and flooring surfaces within the home. It is important to vacuum your floors daily or as often as twice a day for at least two weeks once you have detected fleas. Daily vacuuming helps to eradicate the home of eggs, larvae and pupae that the fleas produce. Empty the vacuum bag after you have vacuumed to prevent the fleas from hatching and re-infesting your home. A water-based vacuum machine or a steam cleaner offers a deep-cleaning solution that can remove fleas that are buried deep within the flooring.

Insecticide Applications

Non-toxic products sold at department stores can help to remove fleas in the home. Many retail outlets sell flea bombs, foggers or nontoxic sprays that can be used in the home. If you have pets, opt for insecticides that are safe for animals. A professional exterminator may be able to supply you with safe products to use or exterminate the fleas in your home for a fee.

Regular Washing

Fleas attach themselves to furniture covers, bedding and clothing. Prevent the infestation of fleas and remove these critters from your home by washing your sheets, towels, clothing and blankets when you have detected the presence of fleas. Weekly washing removes the fleas, and drying clothing, sheets and bedding kills the dust mites that have infested your home.

Natural Products

If you prefer to kill fleas with natural methods, you can create mixtures and sprays to eradicate fleas from your home naturally. Sticky flea pads attract fleas to the area, similar to mouse or bug traps. Spray natural solutions such as apple cider vinegar, lemon spray and lavender essential oils in areas where fleas have infected the home. You can also clean your home with warm, soapy water to eliminate an infestation of fleas. Spray products containing boric acid on surfaces of the home to eradicate fleas naturally.


Fleas in the home can cause serious risks for humans and pets. The creepy critters travel from one person to another and attach themselves to surfaces in the home seeking out fresh blood supplies. Take precautions to prevent and eliminate fleas to avoid an infestation that can be harmful to the health of family members and pets.

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