5 Options for Relieving Overactive Bladder Naturally

May 7th 2016

Living with an overactive bladder can be challenging. It is important to identify natural methods to relieve the urge to urinate frequently. Identify what works for you and consult with a physician to determine if additional medical issues are contributing to your condition.

Acquire Fluid Balance

An overactive bladder may cause you to urinate frequently. It may be tempting to reduce your fluid intake to avoid urinating often, but too few fluids can dehydrate your body and may even make you go to the bathroom more often as the body works harder to eliminate excess waste. Space out your fluid intake by limiting yourself to no more than 16 ounces of fluid with each meal and consume only one glass of water in between meals. A fluid balance can help to train your bladder to urinate more consistently and reduce leakage.

Consume Gosha-jinki-gan

One of the most thoroughly studied herbal remedies for an overactive bladder is gosha-jinki-gan. Studies from Japan report this herbal remedy can improve nighttime urination, urinary frequency and urgency in patients with an overactive bladder. Gosha-jinki-gan may also increase your bladder capacity and reduce the frequency of bladder contractions that cause leakage.

Eliminate Caffeine and Alcohol

People with an overactive bladder should gradually decrease caffeine and alcohol consumption to 100 milligrams or less each day or eliminate consumption completely. Caffeine and alcohol consumption can cause your condition to worsen because both are diuretics and stimulants that promote increased urges to urinate.

Exercise Pelvic Muscles

An overactive bladder and urinary incontinence cause you to lose temporary control of your ability to stop urination. Strengthen your pelvic muscles by performing Kegel exercises that involve squeezing pelvic floor muscles at least three to four times each day. Women can also wear vaginal weights to enhance their Kegel exercises. Vaginal weights are cone-shaped weights inserted into the vagina, prompting you to contract the pelvic floor muscles and strengthen the bladder while holding the weights in place.

Reduce Weight

Excess weight around your hips and abdomen can place extra pressure on your pelvic muscles, which may cause you to urinate more often. Work with your physician or a personal trainer to determine a safe exercise and healthy eating plan so you can strengthen your pelvic muscles without carrying around excess weight that contributes to an overactive bladder.


People with overactive bladders often experience embarrassing leakage that can occur during simple gestures such as a sudden movement, laugh, cough or sneeze. Overactive bladders may diminish your self confidence and cause you to stray from normal activities you enjoy. Treatment should be determined in consultation with a physician, but there are also natural methods to help relieve overactive bladders naturally.

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