Home Remedies for Treating Itchy Ears

May 7th 2016

Home remedies such as warm oil and white vinegar are helpful when it comes to treating mild itchiness and irritation of the ear canal. However, conditions such as swimmer's ear, bacterial inner ear infections and allergies that cause itching must often be treated with antibiotics, prescription ear drops, antihistamines or over-the-counter medications to avoid complications. Since itching ear canals can be caused by a variety of factors, it is always best to consult with a physician before engaging in any type of home remedy to treat the condition.

Rubbing Alcohol and Vinegar

Relieve itching in the ear canals by applying a mixture of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol to the affected areas with a cotton swab. This treatment should only be utilized once or twice daily; overuse of alcohol may cause the ear canal to dry out, which can lead to additional itchiness.

Warm Oil Drops

Homemade oil drops are a natural treatment that can often help to relieve itching in the ears. The most common oil drops used to treat itchiness in the ears include olive oil, mineral oil or vegetable oil. The oil should be warmed for approximately 15 to 20 minutes prior to application. Placing the entire oil bottle or container in a glass or bowl of warm water is the safest way to heat the oil. It is also important to test the oil on your wrist before applying drops inside the ears to ensure the temperature is adequate.

Warm Compresses

When itching ear canals are caused by a buildup of ear wax, you may find relief by applying warm compresses or hot water bottles to the outer sides of the affected ears. The warmth from the compress or bottle can help to loosen the wax and make it easy to remove, which in turn can help relieve symptoms of itching. Wait until the wax is visible outside of the ear canal before removing it, as digging too deep into the ear may lead to injury or infection.


A variety of factors can lead to itchy ears, such as allergies, excess or decreased ear wax production, inner and outer ear infections, and skin conditions such as psoriasis. Scratching inside the ears is never recommended, as it can lead to broken skin, bacterial infections and eardrum damage. While itching ears can cause significant discomfort, the condition is usually treatable once an underlying cause is determined. In certain cases, antibiotics may be required to treat bacterial infections of the ear. However, in many cases, symptoms can also be managed with natural home remedies.

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