Trusted Home Remedies for an Itchy Throat

May 7th 2016

While mild illnesses, dry conditions or external irritants are often the cause behind a scratchy throat, it is always best for anyone suffering from symptoms to consult with a medical professional before starting any type of home treatment. In certain cases, patients may require antibiotics or antihistamines if symptoms are due to infection or allergies. Understanding the potential causes of dry, itchy throats and discussing home remedies with a physician can help ensure that sufferers treat their symptoms accordingly.

Salt Water Gargling

Dentists often recommend salt water rinses after dental procedures to soothe dry nasal passages and minimize inflammation. Gargling with salt water twice daily is a natural remedy that can also help soothe irritated throat tissues and reduce the mucus in the throat caused by post-nasal drip, providing quick relief to sufferers.

Tea or Warm Water With Honey

Studies show that honey works well as an effective natural cough suppressant. Drinking a warm cup of tea or warm water with a few drops of honey can help provide relief to itchy throats by minimizing excessive coughing and coating irritated tissues. Natural throat lozenges that contain honey also work well to provide continual relief to inflamed, itchy throat tissues.

Increasing Water Intake

Drinking sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis is essential when it comes to keeping the body hydrated. Individuals with dry, itchy throats due to colds, flu or allergies can benefit from drinking extra water, as water helps keep the mucus membranes of the throat moist and hydrated. Increasing water intake also helps the body to flush out the allergens and bacteria that often accompany allergies and respiratory illnesses.

Steamy Showers and Humidifiers

When a lack of moisture in the air is the cause of an itchy throat, sufferers can often remedy symptoms by increasing humidity levels in the home. Taking long, steamy showers can help open up the nasal passages and moisten irritated tissues. Installing a humidifier in the bedroom and running it at night can also help relieve scratchy throats caused by open-mouthed sleeping.


Itchy throats commonly occur when post-nasal drip caused by the common cold, flu viruses or allergies irritates the sensitive tissues of the throat. Additional causes of dry, itchy throats include external factors such as dry environments or exposure to secondhand smoke. Sleeping with the mouth open can also cause the throat tissues to dry out, which in turn can lead to itching, dryness and throat irritation. Individuals with itchy throats can often soothe their symptoms with simple home remedies that moisten irritated tissues and minimize discomfort.

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